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EZ Email Marketing – Brand Recognition & Customer Retention

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One of the most cost-effective way to increase brand recognition and added value to your targeted audience of customers is through email marketing.

It is also a very shareable form of contact. One click and your information can be shared with someone else. This increases your reach even further, to friends and family!

EZ Web Center uses a professional, responsive format designed to engage and inform your customers. We put your brand in the mailboxes of those who will use your services most.

Our system offers traceable results as well , allowing you to see what interests your customers through open rates and subscriber retention. Determine your business trends by those who use  your products and services already!

email marketing 

Email marketing is perfect for:

  • Special event announcements
  • Highlighting services or products
  • Offering exclusive online coupons or discounts
  • Sharing blogs, articles and videos
  • Online surveys and polls
  • Sales, give-aways & special pricing advertisements

EZ email marketing is custom designed for your needs. From quarterly newsletters to bi-weekly announcements and teasers, we keep your brand on your customers’ brains. Starting at only $49/month, you can’t go wrong

No Time to Do It Yourself?

We are here to help! Business owners – especially small business owners –  often wear many hats, making time a rare commodity. The best of intentions can fall prey to other tasks, and learning how to write effective email ads may not be at the top of your to do list on your day off (if you have one).

We make it our business to take that task off of your hands! Contact us and let’s work together to achieve your online marketing goals…..Click Here.